About Us

Our Vision

At LRF, we envision a just and equitable Society. This vision depicts the state of the society, primarily within Kenya and beyond, that LRF as a human rights organization is working towards. The institutional vision of LRF is therefore: “A premier catalyst institution for a just and equitable society.

Our Mission

“A resource for justice, equity and resilience in communities through holistic participatory interventions and strategic partnerships.” We form strategia alliances with various organizations, both in the government and non-governmental with the mission centering around equity and justice. We carry out joint programs to reach this mission.

Our Motto

Our Motto “Haki Itawale” has ben adopted in the fight for Justice and equity. This is a Kiswahili (the main national language of Kenya) phrase whose English meaning is “Justice for all”. Through our vast network in the country, we aim to ensure justice for every Kenyan, despite their social, political or economic status.

Our Core Values

  • Integrity

    We uphold sound morals in our work and interactions with all our stakeholders.

  • Reliability

    We endeavor to be dependable to our stakeholders and peers.

  • Innovativeness

    We encourage new ideas while seeking out and balancing viewpoints from our stakeholders.

  • Team Work

    We encourage synergy among our programs and projects to enhance team spirit among staff and develop a cooperative work environment.

  • Empathy

    We strive to accommodate and understand other’s feelings and situations while carrying out our noble