About Haki Institute

This theme enhances LRF effectiveness and sustainability in leadership and governance, financial accountability and corporate affairs.

LRF has won the coveted Civil Society of the Year Award twice in 2009 and in 2013. These awards have demonstrated LRF’s effectiveness in building a staff and network of paralegals that stand out for their reliability, human resource talent grooming, community focus, leadership and governance. LRF coordinates over 800 paralegals across Kenya and has trained paralegals in Kenya, Rwanda, Zambia and Malawi. Annual exchange programs are held every year in LRF for paralegals in Africa.

Paralegals across Africa single out LRF for its consistency in promoting paralegalism and use of the paralegal approach to influence and change legal positions and practices that hinder access to justice.

LRF’s wealth of information and strategies has enhanced the capacity of human rights crusaders to increase their efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery. It carries out this role by building a resource base for virtual learning and legal research. This thematic area is inward looking and is delivered through Capacity Development, Legislative Drafting and Archiving of information.