The state of Legal Aid in Nairobi County 2020

A just and equal society is made possible when all men and women find value in legal, economic and social systems that work to solve challenges and provide opportunities to realize their aspirations.

Therefore, access to legal aid especially for the poor, vulnerable, marginalized and the indigent, not only improves manifestation of fair justice, but also fundamentally diminishes opportunities of legal discrimination and inequality.

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Published: June 18, 2020
Guidelines for Standardization of Traditional Dispute Resolution Mechanism

Traditional dispute resolution mechanisms have been integral part of the traditional justice system in Kenya. The mechanism applies mainly customary law, rules and norms to solve disputes emanating within the community. Different communities apply the system within the context that they exist. The system has to an extent supported the formal justice system in enabling local communities access justice fast and without rigorous formal rules. Traditional dispute resolution mechanism has received constitutional recognition under Article 159 (2) (c), which obligates courts and tribunals to promote alternative forms of dispute resolution including reconciliation, mediation, arbitration and traditional dispute resolution mechanisms.

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Published: June 7, 2020
Criminal Justice System In Kenya: An Audit

Understanding pre-trial detention in respect to case flow management and conditions of detention
It is without a doubt that Criminal Justice System has undergone tremendous transformation in the recent past. The transformation process was further affirmed in the provisions of the 2010 Constitution. However a few challenges persist that predispose the Criminal Justice
System against the weak and indigent in our society. This is the first time in our history that our criminal justice system has been comprehensively audited, issues systematically documented and published. The audit covered 26 prison stations, 15 police stations, 17 court stations and 9 Children Remand Homes.

Published: June 7, 2020

Case Studies, Innovations and Lessons Learnt in Implementing Court-annexed Alternative Justice System

Published: June 7, 2020
The Criminal Trial Process

A Booklet on Self Representation for Persons Facing Criminal Charges
Provision of legal aid in prisons through Paralegals has undergone tremendous changes over the years since commencement in 2003 under the Kenya Prisons Paralegal Project.
The legal aid program seeks to promote access to justice among the un-represented remand prisoners in prisons by providing them with knowledge and skills to qualitatively represent themselves in their trials. It also seeks to improve coordination among criminal law justice actors in Kenya with a view to improving access to justice among persons in the criminal justice system.

Human Rights & Legal Aid

Every new day there are a myriad of legal questions that arise. Whether you are talking about family relations, Children law, custody and maintenance, sexual offences, labour, property and torts. These questions sometimes arise in diverse contexts requiring situation specific responses. In this issue Legal Resources Foundation seeks to respond to legal concerns by Kenyans of different walks of life.