CJS Report 2

lrf_ke flying the Kenyan Justice Sector's flag high in Accra, Ghana, in a conference themed: “Use of Plea bargain in Criminal matters"

Welcome to Legal Resources Foundation Trust (LRF)

Plea Agreement session in progress in Isiolo Gk Prison

Prosecutors engaging remand prisoners on Plea agreement at Isiolo Gk prison on a mission to decongest the criminal justice system

Improving National Police infrastructure

Conditions of Isiolo police gender & children and desk before and after refurbishment

Criminal Justice System Audit Report

Following validation of Criminal Justice System Audit Report to the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution in November 2016

Paralegal Support Network(PASUNE)

Paralegal officers with various partners at the East and Horn of Africa Paralegal Summit that took place from 22nd -25th July 2019 at Safari Park Hotel.

For over twenty-five years our innovations to expand and sustain legal inclusion and access to justice for the indigent cannot be gainsaid. We have created the reality of an ideal Legal Resources Foundation Trust by commanding interventions that premier access to Justice as an approach and tool for improved human rights environment for those suffering from systemic exclusion. Our journey with and among under resourced Kenyans to navigate the justice system is evidenced by contributions in constitutional reforms, reviewed policies, regulations and laws, prohibition of retrogressive practices and cultures, improved institutional governance and louder community voice against oppression. Our strategic interventions are anchored on practical advocacy, policy negotiations, stakeholder strategic positioning, legal aid, legal education, community organization, mentorship and coaching, select topical and issue specific media engagement, research and evidence building. Our agenda and commitment to work for, with and alongside those oppressed by systemic exigencies has resonated well and beyond successive global calls for equity and equality before the law. Our actions now sit right at the fulcrum of Sustainable Goal 3, 5 10, 15 and 16 for which we endeavour to ensure that no one person is left behind in legal discourses. This concern has been our primary goal, even under the now defunct Millennium Development Goals. In the context of the Vision 2030 and Africa’s Vision 2063, we continue to press for more legal space and advocate for improved judicial system, including the institutionalization of traditional dispute resolution mechanisms. We get into new strategic plan 2019-2023 with a resolve to promote dignity, integrity and human security. We are also aware that access to justice must transcend race, gender, religion, faith, ethnicity and geographical misconceptions.

We continue to work with both state and non-state actors to ensure that legal inclusion and access to justice does not remain the preserve of the elite or well resourced individuals. We have been the campaigning for reforms in the criminal justice system, working with judiciary, Kenya Prison Services, National Police Service as well as child care institutions to ensure that those who are in conflict with the law are treated with utmost sense of dignity. We also occupy strategic policy platforms such as National Committee on Criminal Justice Reforms (NCCJR), National Council on Administration of Justice (NCAJ) the Sexual Offenses Act task force and special task force to the review of the Children’s Act. In our work, we stand by our values that sustain our resolve for a better, just and equal society. Together as a team we commit to reliably proffer integrity, empathy and innovativeness to achieve human dignity for those we serve. In this context purpose to protest injustices, while supporting good courses which reduce legal inequalities in Kenya and around the globe.

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