Legal work is diverse. Outside of the practice of law in Law Firms, a substantial number of advocates practice as in house counsel and work hand in hand with paralegals. The nominees in this category fit the bill in that regard.

With a presence in Kenya and beyond the region, the winner this year has shown just what it takes to go beyond the basic scope of the normal parameters of what we consider to be legal work.

For their keen focus on rendering services to a specific clientele, the winner this year has demonstrated an indefatigable effort towards the improvement of the Justice Sector as a whole. To do all this and yet maintain impeccable standards in their service delivery set this year’s winner apart.

To go where few people have trodden and to chart a new path is an admirable endeavour. Providing services to those who need it the most, is an even better showing.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Corporate Law Department of the Year is Legal Resources Foundation Trust Legal Department.