Expression of Interest

SP Terms of Reference for Consultant – End term review of LRF Strategic Plan 2014-2018 – re-advertised

Legal Resources Foundation Trust (LRF) is a national legal aid provider founded in 1993 and registered as a Trust under the Trustees (Perpetual Succession) Act Chapter 164, laws of Kenya in August 2000. LRF’s registered office and headquarters is in Nairobi City with one (1) branch office in Kapenguria West Pokot County.
LRF promotes access to justice through human rights education, research and policy advocacy. LRF’s mission is to be a resource for justice, equity and resilience in communities
through holistic participatory interventions and strategic partnerships. Guided by its strategic
Plan 2014-2018, LRF is implementing (4) thematic areas namely; Administration of Justice that strengthens institutions (State and Non State) in administration of justice to effectively deliver services; Governance and Development enhances people’s participation in governance systems and decision making processes; Research and Advocacy influences policy reforms; and Haki Institute and Institutional Development enhances LRF effectiveness and sustainability.

Scope of the Work: The Consultant is expected to;
i. Conduct an end-term review the LRF Strategic Plan 2014-2018 and determine to what extent it has been implemented and objectives achieved;
ii. Facilitate an indepth organizational assessment, including holding meetings with staff and Board of Trustees while analysing organizational assessment reports;
iii. Suggest approaches to strengthen LRF efforts and key sectors of engagement with the Government, Stakeholders and development partners;
iv. Analyse the thematic approaches, financial management systems and organizational sustainability approaches and make recommendations and appropriate remedial measures.

i. An evaluation report of LRF’s Strategic Plan 2014-2018 incorporating what was accomplished and what areas should LRF  be pursuing from 2018.
ii. Make presentation of findings and recommendations to the Board and management.