Administration of Justice

This thematic area will address the sources of injustices within the administration of justice system from the point of arrest through the final determination of cases. Key areas in need of reform will be isolated in both the civil and criminal justice systems. LRF will leverage on its vast past experiences while implementing programs in the administration, study and findings on researches and reports on penal reforms, judicial reforms, security sector reforms and community justice as a basis for policy advocacy

Alternative Justice

LRF recognises the important role played by alternative justice systems that exist and are utilised by communities in resolving disputes. Most of these mechanisms are established in the constitution but are not necessarily utilised due to inadequate awareness. These mechanisms include traditional dispute resolution mechanisms among the communities in Kenya, established tribunals, etc. Although ADR and TDRM are recognised in the Constitution of Kenya 2010, little has been done to monitor their decisions and if they are compatible with the constitutional requirements for justice systems. LRF has done a study on TDRM and will focus on operationalising it by empowering the players to eradicate unconstitutional serve communities fairly.

This thematic area shall be delivered under the AoJ theme through two (2) projects namely:
i. Community Justice (CJ)
ii. Alternative Justice (AJ)